Monday, October 31, 2011

How to Hang Upside Down For Back Relief From Pain

How to Hang Upside Down For Back Relief From Pain

Millions suffer from various levels of back pain each year due to a car accident, weak muscles or just lifting the wrong way. Chronic back pain can incapacitate even the healthiest person to a point where they can barely function without discomfort.

If you have back issues, hanging in an inverted position may be a way to find some relief. However, before attempting any new method for back pain, you should consult a physician for proper guidance based on your particular condition.

Back pain can become a daily issue with some cases lasting months or even years if not treated properly. There are several ways to treat pain ranging from back Massage to surgery and each person must determine their own course of action. Inversion therapy is one method that is said to provide relief as part of an ongoing program with positive results.

In this position, back muscles are allowed to stretch as the weight of the body reverses from the normal standing position. Men and woMen have indicated that by being upside down for only a few minutes at a time, they begin to relax as their body adjusts to the new position providing temporary relief.

Essentially, there are two ways to manage hanging in this position; Inverted tables or an inversion bar with support boots. Inverted tables are more expensive, but can be used in different angles leading up to a full inverted pose. An inversion bar and associated boots allows the user to hang suspended, but can be more difficult to get into and out of position depending on body composition and physical ability.

If you have back issues, an inversion system may be something to consider. Consulting a doctor before attempting the process is recomMended, but hanging upside down a few minutes a day has been reportedly successful by many who have tried it.

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